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Dr. Sumeetkaur Mehta .

Gynecologic laparoscopy is an alternative to open surgery. It uses a laparoscope to look inside your pelvic area. Open surgery often requires a large incision.

A laparoscope is a slender, lighted telescope. It allows your doctor to see inside your body.

Dr Sumeetkaur Mehta . has taken1 year of dedicated training under the pioneer of laparoscopy in India, that is Dr Paul PG from Kerala.She has done hundreds of simple as well as complicated procedures. She has various national as well as international publications related to laparoscopy.

Reasons for gynecologic laparoscopy

Laparoscopy can be used for diagnosis, treatment, or both. A diagnostic procedure can sometimes turn into treatment.

Some reasons for diagnostic laparoscopy are:

unexplained pelvic pain
unexplained infertility
a history of pelvic infection

Conditions that might be diagnosed using laparoscopy include:

uterine fibroids
ovarian cysts or tumors
ectopic pregnancy
pelvic abscess, or pus
pelvic adhesions, or painful scar tissue
pelvic inflammatory disease
reproductive cancers

Some types of laparoscopic treatment include:

hysterectomy, or removal of the uterus
removal of the ovaries
removal of ovarian cysts
removal of fibroids
blocking blood flow to fibroids
endometrial tissue ablation, which is a treatment for endometriosis adhesion removal
reversal of a contraceptive surgery called tubal ligation
Burch procedure for incontinence
vault suspension to treat a prolapsed uterus

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